Shrubs and Trees

Just Planted

We would recommend the application of Turffix® to any flowering shrub or tree (especially fruit trees).  If you are just planting the tree or shrub, remember: do not bury the Turffix®.  Keep it on top with access to the air.  You can include a a little peat moss and or bone meal in the bottom of the hole as you transplant the shrub or tree.  Then spread the Turffix® on top of the soil.  If you are using a weed barrier like landscaping cloth or a weed ring, spread the Turffix® under the cloth or ring.  Then give abundant water.
A good rule of thumb is that a transplanted shrub experiences “sleep, creep and leap”.  The first year there will be very little top growth as the plant is adjusting and beginning to establish roots (“sleep”).  The second year the plant will grow a bit more as it is better acclimatized (“creep”).  The third year, depending on the plant species, there may be a “leap” – whatever a “leap” is for that species. 
The first year shrub is very dependent on water.  Frequent watering is more effective than big volumes inconsistently.  Give Turffix® at a rate of 1/4 cup per foot of plant height up to 1 ½ cups (six feet high and higher).  Apply around the base of the plant or along the plant’s rain drip-line.  Especially with trees, there is no need to fertilize to the trunk of the plant.  Apply as early in the season as you can.  There will be an abundance of nutrients for the entire growing season with this one application.
The second year and thereafter, apply a similar rate, again along the plant’s rain drip-line.  For trees with less shading and with lawn grass at the base, you could also apply Turffix Plus® to control weeds.  In this case, apply 12 ml, or 8 grams of product per square foot of Turffix®, mostly along the shrub rain drip-line, and 15 ml or 11 grams of Turffix Plus® per square foot spread evenly over the area you desire weed suppression.  You will need an application every three to four months of growing season of Turffix Plus® to ensure continuing weed suppression.  Again, water frequently.

Established Shrubs and Trees