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Our Family of All Plant Source Natural Fertilizer Products

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  • Does not pollute waterways

  • Does not translocate.

  • Safe for birds, pets, wildlife.

  • Safe for your kids.

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Turffix®: A Premium Lawn and Garden Fertilizer

Turffix® has an abundance of nutrient for the entire season of vigorous growth in a slow release fertilizer that is all plant source. Turffix® has a nutrient analysis of: Nitrogen: 6% ; Phosphorous: 2% ; Potassium: 1.25% ; Sulphur : 0.25% ; and micro-nutrients, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc in a plant available form. This produces a dense, emerald green lawn; rich, full flavoured vegetables and fruit; and vibrant shrubs and blooms - great for flower boxes and hanging baskets! Because it is all plant source and chemical free, it is bird, wildlife, pet and people friendly with no need to keep away from your lawn or garden immediately after application. And best of all, the nutrients stay where they are needed, instead of washing into the ecosystem, making Turffix® a compliment to the environment. Why should you not have both ecological safety and premium fertilizer performance?

Turffix Plus®: Lawn Fertilizer with Corn Gluten Meal

Turffix Plus® is a premium lawn fertilizer that combines the proven performance of Turffix® with the special qualities of 60% protein corn gluten meal. The nutrients include an equivalent of 9.5 % nitrogen plus calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and zinc in a plant available form. Applying Turffix Plus® lawn fertilizer at a rate of one bag for 100 square metres provides a balanced, blended fertilizer including 20 pounds per 1000 square feet of corn gluten meal, (as recommended by Dr. Nick Christians of the horticultural department of Iowa State University – see Turffix Plus® is an ecologically safe all plant source special fertilizer that brings your lawn to a dense, emerald green. It is wildlife, pet, bird, and people friendly and is sweet to the environment.

Turffix® Greenhouse and Garden Pack

One of the most rewarding benefits of growing your own vegetables and produce is to know that they are truly naturally produced with no chemical inputs or residue. Produce from lively soils with abundant nutrients is rich in colour, flavour and vitamin content. Flowers grown in healthy, naturally fertilized soils with a full complement of micro-nutrients produce foliage and blooms that are full and vibrant in colour and fragrance. Turffix® Greenhouse and Garden regenerates your soil and awakens the natural fertility, so your soil cradles and nourishes plant life. This is the difference between farming the soil and mining it. Turffix® is a natural fertilizer you can safely and comfortably hold in your hands knowing it is chemical free and all plant source from the grain fields of Western Canada. When has fertilizer ever been this effective and this comfortable?

Amaizeingly Green™

Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer is truly a 100% natural pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor made with corn gluten. It is constructed from a blend of ingredients that balance the nutrient content for optimum turf grass performance. Corn Gluten Meal has a natural NPK rating of 10-0-0.

Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer can inhibit dandelion and large crabgrass seed germination when used in combination with a consistent lawn maintenance program. View our Green Tips page for more information on how to develop a good lawn maintenance program. Amaizeingly Green™ should be applied three times a year; Spring, mid Summer and early Fall at 20lbs per thousand square feet of lawn. Use it to complete your natural lawn care program and to help make your lawn amazingly green!

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