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Picture these scenes: 

  • You are walking bare-foot on the back lawn feeling the cool damp softness on your toes.

  • The kids are rolling and tumbling on the grass, chasing the water sprinkler.

  • You are on one knee and one open palm, lining up the white dimpled ball to the cup, with the line running up and to the left.

  • You are working the fragrant soil of the garden, the rich organics in the lines of your palm, under your nails, and smeared on the side of your temple.

What are the Kids Rolling In?

Now consider that the fertilizer you are using may well have come from septic sewage sludge of some city; often rich in heavy metals and human and industrial wastes so diverse they are difficult to test. Other possible sources of natural fertilizers include cattle blood, brain tissue and spinal tissue (with possible B.S.E. concerns). Ground up poultry entrails and sheep manure are two other common ingredients. The damp spot on your knee feels different now, doesn't it? Where do you wipe your hands? What are your potatoes buried in? What are the kids rolling in?

Ah, but if you have Turffix®, or Turffix Plus® on that lawn, you have clean, fresh grain meal with no chemicals, byproducts, or animal parts - just grain meal.



The Natural Advantage

Turffix®, Turffix Plus® and Amaizeingly Green™ - Birds love it, and are nourished. The elk and deer at a national park can safely graze. Squirrels and chipmunks pack it into their cheeks, and hoard it to sustain them through the winter. Applied as directed, these natural fertilizers do not dissolve and run off into the water systems (called translocation). When translocation occurs with other fertilizers, they build up a level of nitrogen and phosphorus that chokes the natural waterways with abnormal levels of algae (called eutrophication), or quickly dissolve and seep away from your lawn. They are lost to you, showing up somewhere else; unwanted.
Now let's go through the list again. What is the dampness on your toes? The fertilizer your kids are rolling in?  Turffix® (Canadian grain products), and some of the most velvety, thick grass you can remember.