New Lawns/Rolled Turf

You need it now!

You probably chose rolled turf because you wanted a lawn fast, and a lawn started without all the weeds. Great! We have a great natural fertilizer for you, with a better nutrient package than most premium synthetic fertilizers; and, one that cares for your soil. Transplanted turf grass will experience some shock, so plenty of water turfand a good natural nutrient source is essential. If you are preparing your soil for the sod, we have some suggestions. After you have carefully levelled the area, sprinkle a light amount of grass seed or a grass seed mix on the ground before installing the new sod. We suggest a mixture with a good quantity of high quality creeping red fescue.  This will help fill in any area between the sod strips.  Do not apply Turffix® or Turffix Plus® at this point.  You can, however, sprinkle the grass seed on top of the finished sod just before the rolling and packing process, if you prefer.

Apply Turffix® or Turffix Plus®
Only what is reasonable