Turffix Plus® Lawn Fertilizer with Corn Gluten Meal

Turffix Plus® is a premium fertilizer that combines the proven performance of Turffix® with the special qualities of 60% protein Corn Gluten Meal. The nutrients include a guaranteed analysis of 9.5 % nitrogen plus micronutrients calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and zinc in a plant available form. Applying Turffix Plus® lawn fertilizer at a rate of one 10 kg. bag for 90 square metres provides a nitrogen rich blended fertilizer including 20 pounds per 1000 square feet of Corn Gluten Meal, (as recommended by Dr. Nick Christians of the horticultural department of Iowa State University – (see www.hort.iastate.edu/gluten). Lawn

Turffix Plus® is a natural, all plant source multigrain fertilizer that delivers a new, rich balance of lawn essential nutrients.

Do not apply Turffix Plus® in an area or application where you are trying to germinate new seeds as Corn Gluten Meal (that is at least 60% protein) has been found to exhibit a pre-emergent herbicidal effect on a number of plant species. For establishing a new lawn, we recommend Turffix® Lawn and Garden Fertilizer. Remember: Corn Gluten Meal has a herbicidal effect only on germinating seeds.  For established plants, it is a high nitrogen natural fertilizer that makes all plants green and healthy.

Although the Corn Gluten Meal has these other unique properties, it is still a high protein, natural grain product that is safe to handle, safe for pets, wildlife, and people.  It is a very effective lawn fertilizer that is nitrogen rich, yet sweet to the environment.  This product does not translocate readily into your local waterways.  Turffix Plus® is an excellent choice where there are concerns about the eutrophication (nutrient pollution) of bodies of water, or if birds, or wildlife have access to your property. Rain Drop

Turffix Plus® can be safely applied in areas where children or pets have immediate access.  (If a child has known severe allergic reactions to contact with natural grain meals, water the lawn a couple of times after you have applied Turffix Plus® to dissolve the fertilizer into the soil, and monitor the reaction of that child.  We are aware of no known medical case like this, but proceed with an abundance of safety.)

Store any unused portion in a dry place to prevent spoilage.
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