Turffix® Application Rates

For Lawns:

Apply Turffix® at a rate of ½ cup per square meter of application area.  So if your application area is, for example, about 5 meters by 10 meters, apply about 25 cups (5 x 10 x 0.5 cups) or about 6 one litre juice pitchers on that plot. In a 10 kg. Turffix® bag, there is enough product to fertilize 100 square metres or 1075 square feet.  This is enough fertilizer for a calendar year of active growing, depending on growing conditions and lawn density.

For lawn application, apply Turffix® with any of the granular fertilizer / salt spreaders available at your local hardware store.  We recommend the Rona brand fertilizer and salt spreaders.  Set the meter to the opening marked “25” and walk at a regular “shopping” walking speed (minus the window shopping stops!)  Space about 2 metres or six feet between passes center to center, and cover the entire lawn area twice, preferably from two directions.  If you are off a bit, you will not burn your lawn. For the next three weeks, when you clip the grass, set your mower to mulch instead of bagging or side-throwing the clippings. Otherwise, you may pick up some of the fertilizer, and remove it in the clippings.

For Lawns, Gardens, and Flowers
As soon as possible after applying the Turffix®, water the lawn, garden, flowerbed or hanging basket well, beginning the process of nutrient release as quickly as possible.  Depending on the weather in your area,  Turffix® will activate and begin releasing nutrients in three to five weeks of warm weather with moisture available.  Do not incorporate into the soil.  Leave it on top of the soil with access to the air until it dissolves into the soil.

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