A Premium Natural Fertilizer

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Tried, Tested and True

Our products have been in research and development since the late 1980’s in Alberta and British Columbia. We have tested and refined our products on residential lawn plots, golf courses, gardens and farm sites across Western Canada. Our product has been evaluated in small government testing plots, beautiful fairways, gardens, and field plots of grain and canola. We have placed it in competition with other major organic fertilizers, premium designer synthetics, and commercial, agricultural synthetic blends; including NH3, liquid, and granular fertilizers. It has been used in oilfield pipeline reclamation, upscale golf courses, and neighbour-conscious Okanagan front lawns. Our research shows dramatically thicker lawns, huge solid potatoes, and bigger rose blooms.


What do we mean by "All Plant Source"?

Feel the Difference

On lawn grass test plots; clipping weights from our products frequently exceeded that of more costly premium synthetic fertilizers. Why were the clippings heavier and the plant clumps more dense?  Healthier soil, and healthier plants produced more green stems per square inch. 

Use Turffix® at recommended rates on half of your lawn, right next to the best synthetic fertilizer you can find.  Wait four to five weeks for the natural fertilizer to be fully activated and to rejuvenate your plants.  Now, take off your shoes and feel the difference.  It is like the difference between an economy carpet and a luxurious floor covering. 

The Barefoot Test

Go ahead and take the bare-foot test!  Your toes are not embracing any:
–animal by-products,
–ground up animal parts,
–city sewer sludge (with heavy metals and contaminants),
–blood or bone meal.

Your toes are in contact only with Canadian grown grain products (you could sprinkle on a muffin), and luxuriant, thick, emerald green turf grass.  Feel and see the results!


What do we mean by "All Plant Source"?